The North American Paranormal Society was founded in 2006 by friends, Eric Singleton and Shawn Litton. They found that they both had an interest in paranormal research and decided that investigations to gather evidence as well as attempt to help those who were afraid of living in their own homes. The group started strong as more like-minded investigators started to join and the team took form. The team has been investigating up the eastern sea-board from North Carolina to Kentucky, West Virginia and even New York, just to name a few states.

The team was founded on the principles that jumping to conclusions that something was “haunted” would not happen. The ideals to actively search out any rational thoughts for paranormal events and debunk the activity would take priority. Only when all available options that could be researched and thought up couldn’t reproduce the activity, then more credibility could be given to the paranormal aspect. The team consisted of not only skeptics, but a mix of all opinions of the paranormal realm. Eric and Shawn believed that the mix of investigators would work well so that each could give their insights and opinions to further come to a solid conclusion of the results and being able to work together as a team to test different theories and ideas behind paranormal activity.

To this day, the team has found many different pieces of evidence from many different locations. Some of which, after many hours of deliberation and scrutiny, were thrown out due to the possibility of it being something rational. There still remains other videos and audio recordings that cannot be easily explained by the team. Could this be evidence of paranormal activity? We can’t say for sure, but N.A.P.S. will continue to research and investigate these occurrences in order to obtain the truth.

The team has made quite a name and reputation for themselves as they have been invited by various conferences to present as well as lead in the public paranormal investigations. They continue to help educate the public through speaking engagements and presentations, hoping to help spread the awareness of the paranormal as well as educate newcomers on different aspects of what to look for and prepare for when entering the world of paranormal investigations. 

Not only has the team helped many clients over the years, they also strive to help with the preservation of historic sights around the country. Donating to locations such as The Ohio State Reformatory and even creating a partnership with the Latta Plantation to help raise money for the site so that they could continue to teach the history to many people daily. “You don’t know where you’re going until you know where you come from.” This quote is what inspired the team to help out in the preservation of our country’s historic locations and they encourage others to join in on the cause.


N.A.P.S. takes a very careful approach when investigating historic locations. Never will the team use props and/or furniture or even the structure of locations of historic importance to mount their equipment. The team takes great care to leave the locations in the exact same way that they found it when they arrived. The team feels fortunate to have investigated many historic sites and they look forward to continuing to investigate more historic sites in the years to come. The team listens to how the locations are run and what places that they should avoid or things they need to be careful around while in the location and they act accordingly and professionally.