We here at the North American Paranormal Society hope that all of you are staying safe and staying well. Remember to stay home as much as you can and take the proper precautions to keep yourselves well. We will all get through this tough time and we’ll be back to normal soon. We’re spending our time researching and planning out places that we want to investigate in the future when things open back up. Take care and we will see you all soon!

NAPS would like to officially welcome Carolyn Lohr to the team. We have worked with Carolyn in the past on many investigations and she’s a wonderful investigator and researcher. She’s a great friend and NAPS is happy to welcome her to the team! Welcome Carolyn!! Happy to have you on board!

NAPS would like to welcome back David Babineau to the team. Dave was with us years ago and was a great investigator and the research and reports he did for clients in the past was a great asset. We are happy to have him back on the team and look forward to kicking things up a notch this time around. Welcome back, Dave! We’re happy you’re back!

Research page is being worked on currently as well as following up on multiple investigations. Exciting times ahead. NAPS is kick starting back into gear to further knowledge of the paranormal. This site will not contain evidence we collect. Instead, this site will be used as an educational tool for those who are interested in learning more about how to become a paranormal investigator as well as to help with other investigator’s research.