EVP’s are defined as Electronic Voice Phenomenon. Voices that are recorded on audio devices that show up when the recording is played back. These can be some of the most fun pieces of evidence collected during a paranormal investigation. These EVP’s are classified into three different classes. We go into each of those classes here to help new investigators understand the evidence they are collecting while out in the field.

The classes are as follows:


  • CLASS A:
    This recording is quite clear, it’s loud, audible and the quality is extremely good. There is no doubt as to what is being said on the recording and everyone has a clear understanding of what they hear. There’s no audio interference or amplification needed to make these recording heard.
  • CLASS B:
    This type of EVP is more common among evidence collected in this way. It has a bit less clarity than a Class A does, but still does not require any kind of amplification or enhancement to be heard on the recording. This type of recording may have different interpretations as to what is being said, but there is still no mistake that there is something being said.
  • CLASS C:
    This recording is harder to hear. It’s evident that there is something there but it’s hard to understand what is being said. This typically comes through as low quality and will require some enhancement to be heard sometimes. There’s really no great way to determine what is being said and therefore you can’t really distinguish it as something in a response to a question or action. We typically do not use Class C EVP’s when revealing evidence from our investigations as they are hard to really show that there is something that and not just some possible ambient noise that was captured that investigators didn’t hear at the time or forgot to tag on the recorder.


When you believe that you have captured an EVP and you believe it falls into a Class B or C category, do not mention what you hear to other people prior to them hearing it for themselves. The reason this is important is because, what you tell them, they will hear in the recording rather than hearing what they believe they hear. Our minds want to make order out of chaos and if there’s a word that is hard to understand or a sentence being spoken that we can’t really hear, we rely on information to fill that gap. If someone tells you what they believe is being said, then you will have that information in your mind when you start to listen and that’s what you will hear instead of what your mind could create from it without that information beforehand. You can have a debate afterwards about the EVP and come to a mutual understanding about what you think is being said and move on from there.



Tagging things on the recorder is of utmost importance, otherwise you will be jumping at every little noise that you listen to on the playback. When entering the location to start an EVP, we will typically start by naming everyone present, have them each say their names so their voice is on the recorder as who they are so you can pinpoint later. Whispering is a no-no, if someone whispers, you need to say who it was immediately afterwards so that you don’t get a false EVP and claim it as evidence. This happens way more than you think.  Any noises that you hear at the time that you know is not paranormal, tag that on the recording for the person listening back. You have to remember that the person listening to this playback may not have been with you at the time and they won’t know what the surrounding environment is doing while you were there. Make their job easier by calling out things, such as:

  • Stomach Noises (This can be confused as “growling”
  • Clothes shuffling (This sometimes sounds like footsteps)
  • Heavy Breathing (This needs to be noted just in case as any strange breathing like that could be construed as paranormal)

Because of these things, if we are walking around from one room to another, we will say what we’re doing on the recording if we continue to let it play while we move. You’ll hear the footsteps but you’ll know it’s not paranormal. By doing this religiously, you’ll be able to hear the things that aren’t called out much easier and assess them as needed. We found that this has helped to distinguish credible EVP’s from falsities.




“Did you hear that?!”