Type of haunting


Ever since the movie “Poltergeist” came out many years ago, people have gotten the wrong idea about what an actual poltergeist is.   Poltergeist in German means “noisy ghost,” that’s it, there’s no getting sucked into closets and covered with slime.  A poltergeist is usually a ghost that likes to get people’s attention by moving objects, making loud noises, playing with lights and electrical fixtures.  Many people believe that a poltergeist is evil and is there to harm you, this information is incorrect.  Most poltergeists, like many intelligent hauntings, just want you to know that they are there. Perhaps they are asking for your help.   Most poltergeist activity happens around prepubescent teen girls.  It’s very uncommon to have poltergeist activity around anyone else other than the age listed earlier, but it is possible.  However, most cases of people believing that they have a poltergeist in their home are actually experiencing an intelligent haunt by an entity.

                Most poltergeist activity isn’t usually caused by a negative entity, however, there are cases in which the poltergeist has been aggressive and tried to hurt people by throwing things at them.  If you believe that this is the case in your home or someone you know is having a problem like this, the best thing to do is to have a clergy member from your church come in and bless the house.  If you are not religious and don’t attend church, then the best option you have is to get together as a family and tell the poltergeist to leave, take your house back.  This will work in most cases, you just have to give it a few days, the activity might pick up for a little bit as the poltergeist gets angry but it will leave.  Now, if you are unsure if you have activity or not, then the best thing to do, to obtain proof as well as to ease your mind, is to call in a professional paranormal investigation team such as the North American Paranormal Society, and have them check out the house and do some research and see if they can give you solid proof, or disprove the haunting.

                Differences between a poltergeist haunt and an intelligent haunt aren’t as vast as people might believe.  This is why most people believe they are being haunted by a poltergeist when it is most commonly an intelligent haunt.  Poltergeists, as I stated earlier, like to scare you, they’ll make lots of noise and move things around to mess with you, just because they can and they like how you react to it. An intelligent haunt is a spirit who’s trying to get your attention, not necessarily trying to scare you, but wants your help, most of them are confused about what is happening to them and other times, they just don’t realize that they’re dead and they want to know why you are just walking around their house.  Some intelligent haunts will act like a poltergeist sometimes as they will also make noise and move objects, but the reasoning behind these actions are completely different than that of a poltergeist.  Now most poltergeists will not harm the people of the house, they usually just try and scare them, if you are experiencing a haunt that is trying to harm you, then it’s possible that it’s neither a poltergeist nor an intelligent haunt and you should seek help from professionals right away to rid your house of the negative entity.  





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