Eric – Founder / Lead Investigator

Eric grew up in the 1980’s and became a big fan of the Ghostbusters franchise. This would drive him to become more interested in the paranormal. Since then he started to get more curious about the paranormal and started to do reading and research into the subject matter. He’d been interested in researching for some time and then he met Shawn and found out they had a similar interest in the paranormal and they decided to create the team and put their knowledge and research to use. Eric also enjoys visiting historic locations not only for paranormal investigative purposes, but to admire the architecture and history of the site. Eric works as an Architectural Designer for a professional firm in Wilmington, NC and uses his knowledge of construction to help him in the paranormal investigative side to disprove certain things that could just be caused by the building itself. Eric is always up for meeting like-minded individuals who are wanting to talk more about the subject matter or even those in the paranormal who like to collaborate with other teams of similar style to further the field of paranormal investigation and research.


Shawn – Founder / Lead Investigator

Shawn has been a fixture in the paranormal “community” as it’s often called in this generation, since he was 16 years old.
First investigating old cemeteries (eek gads, we know) and abandoned old farm houses with his neighborhood friends. Eventually Shawn moved away from the random cemeteries and trespassing on old farms and such and moved into a more respectable research style investigation where the focus was less about finding something cool and more about finding ways to explain the experiences people were having. So, with the focus on explaining, researching and helping people in need of answers, Shawn and Eric decided they would form a team to do just that.

Shawn is now a man in his 40’s still in love with the world of the unexplained and unexplainable and sees no end to his infatuation.  A day will come in the future… hopefully far far away,where Shawn joins the ranks of the unexplained and maybe, just maybe, he will be able to help some other investigator(s) by popping in and saying hello.  Until that day, Shawn plans to keep looking for answers, keep helping and educating people as well as bringing a spark of normalcy to the PARAnormal.


Jen – Investigator / Investigation Coordinator

Bio coming soon.


Dave – Investigator / Geologist

David has been into the paranormal since he was very young. As a kid, he would spend time riding his bike to the library and checking out as many books on the subject that he could fit into his backpack. Researching and figuring out the science within the paranormal field has always been a passion of his. As an archaeologist with a background in history and geology, David enjoys learning about the areas we investigate and provides site reports for the team and our clients prior to our arrival. As a QA Analyst – David brings his technical and analytical skills to each investigation in an effort to validate or debunk possible paranormal experiences. David is also a published author of science fiction/fantasy and loves spending time watching, reading, and learning about everything in the paranormal field


Christina – Researcher

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Carolyn – Researcher

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Laura – Investigator

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Ben- Investigator

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