Hey everyone!

Happy Ghostober to you all! We hope you’re enjoying the spooky season and prepping for the Halloween holiday and enjoy it because it’s on a Saturday!!!

NAPS had a great time working with Positively Paranormal and Port City Paranormal to investigate the USS North Carolina battleship on September 26th. Had some interesting things happen throughout the night, hearing footsteps, hearing what sounded like someone working in the engine room. We are still working evidence review and sorting through all the audio and video for any evidence should it present itself.

Upcoming, we’ll be checking out the Octagon Mansion in a joint effort with Grave Concerns Paranormal out of Virginia and then GCP will be joining us yet again to investigate the Grand Old Lady hotel in Balsam, North Carolina. Exciting things coming up as well as some filming of investigations for our new YouTube series which will start next year called “Raw Paranormal.”

Exciting things ahead! Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for further updates and live videos of our investigations!

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